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Do You Want to Feel Samba Dance? Please Try Samba Flight Ride

Author:baolu rides Time:2017-11-24

When mentioning samba, many of us will think of that moving and enthusiastic Brazilian music and dance. Samba Balloon Ride is a new park amusement ride of the spiral series, inspired by this kind of music and dance. It can freely move, and combines successfully balloon and basket together. With dynamic samba music, the ride is so charming in South American style, which can make passengers enjoy the exotic feelings.

Samba Balloon can satisfy you the exotic mini spinning and swinging umbrella, you can satisfy a craving of flying in the sky to experience the special aroma of samba people. Samba and tea cup, two things without connection, are combined together. Mechanized machine is getting more technological, and this ride is just a combination of technology and entertainment. Baolu rides Samba Balloon Ride gathers rising and falling, revolution, and rotation together, and every cabin can accommodate 4 persons. Passengers can operate the central turntable to control the rotation of the cabin.