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Happy Children World, New Nice Popular Rides for Kids

Author:baolu rides Time:2017-11-24

We all know that every kid has a dream of a dreamy world where they can play freely and happily. Loving playing and being active are the nature of kids, so they need to realize this dream to relax and free themselves since the daily learning pressure is getting more heavy. So, parents can help them to make it happen by taking kids to play amusement rides. Now, Baolu rides strongly suggests nice amusement ride for kids: Happy Children World!

Why is this kids ride so interesting?

Happy Children World is suitable for kids of 4 to 10 years old, and is composed of 6 to 10 cars running along the track. It has broken through the tedious riding way of ordinary track kiddie amusement ride, which means the center will spray lots of sponge ball as soon as the ride works. Kids can catch the ball by net or hand, or hit the balls when riding the ride, so they can train their coordinate ability between hands and eyes, and are also activated their curiosity. Once the ride entered the market, it has been loved by so many kids, and was praised as one of the most welcomed kids rides!

Baolu company also prepares more amusement rides, like cartoon train, luxury merry go round, bumper car, pirate ship, sliding dragon, trackless train, etc.