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Processing Method in the Emergency Circumstances

Author:baolu rides Time:2017-11-24

Safety issue is necessary concern for amusement rides. We can often see accident news about amusement rides, and among the emergencies, how to solve it?

At first, we should shut down the battery main switch, and through broadcasting or other effective methods, inform and comfort passengers to avoid panic. 

Second, check wind speed, wind direction, temperature, track and holder condition, and car condition so as to make sure rescue solutions.

In general, after ensuring the car cannot slide anymore, firstly let passenger get off orderly, then pull empty cars to the station. 

In particular cases, if passengers cannot be get off from cars at first, it is allowed to adopt special reliable method to make cars slide to the station under the precondition that cars, track, holder have no damages and passengers are safe.

At last, stop running the ride and check the reason for the malfunction and correct it; as for rides which go through major repairs or improvement, we should invite qualified inspection agency to have a check.

In a word, we should be calm to deal with all the emergency situations and try best to reduce damages and losses. Meanwhile, daily inspection and maintenance to the rides are very crucial for the safety of our rides.