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World Tallest Ferris Wheel IS In CHINA!

Author:baolu rides Time:2017-12-25

When it comes to the world's tallest Ferris wheel, some say the Singapore Flyer, some say Las Vegas High roller, some say is Dubai Eye which is  under construction. But in my opinion, the Lhasa Ferris wheel is the world's tallest Ferris wheel.


Why is a obscure Ferris wheel suddenly become the world's tallest Ferris wheel, because the Ferris wheel was built at an altitude of 3600 meters in Lhasa,so the Ferris wheel is world's tallest Ferris wheel closest to the sky.


The Ferris wheel was manufactured in 2013, its real height is 52 meters,cabin number is 36, each cabin for four people, cabins' color is divided into red, yellow, blue, green. Cabins hang around the white main wheel, which let whole Ferris wheel against the blue sky appear more bright.