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Author:baolu rides Time:2017-12-25

On the 22th, the world's first "Kiss of the Sky" Ferris wheel was installed and will be unveiled with the installation of the last cabinet at the construction site of Sweet Tianwan Park in Ocean City, Yiyang, Hunan.


The "Kiss of the Sky" Ferris wheel, a new landmark of Yiyang city, is located on the third floor of Yiyang Avenue. Unlike the ordinary ferris wheel, the "Kiss of The Sky" wheel create the world's first function of sleeping overnight, in addition to meet tourist basic needs.

According to park's staff, tourists can spend a romantic night and overlook the whole city from 22pm to 8am after the formal opening of the Kiss of the Sky" Ferris Wheel.


In addition, WIFI and TV has been installed in each cabinet, and tourists can play games and watch TV and other entertainment activities in the Ferris wheel. After the opening, the "Kiss of the Sky" will also introduce a series of catering with Ferris wheel as the theme, and a variety of excellent performances in the evening