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Self-control Plane Introduction

Author:baolu rides Time:2017-11-24

Self-control plane is one of wide product ranges of Baolu rides, and has been one of the hot sales. Today, we will have an introduction about our new self-control plane, and hopes everyone can know better about this lovely amusement ride.

There are 3 main features of the ride:

1. New design of central body part

With the blue as the main hue, we give a brand new design of the ride’s appearance, and add the central body part. It adopts glass steel as the material, and combines sound box, light decorations, LED and so on. In appearance, it has reached whole glass steel workmanship, and the appearance is brighter. Light decorations, which is uniquely designed by us, are closer to the theme and looks more fantastic at night.

2. New cabins

The new cabins of the ride add more functional design: at the end of the cabin, targets are added as the central part of the ride. Passengers can shoot the targets with the cabins going ups and downs. When the targets are hit, they will rotate at high speed with the colorful lights, and the cabins descend fast with the sounds of buzzing.

In the front of cabin, there are 2 buttons, red and green to control the height of cabin. This brand new interacting experience constitutes the theme of the ride: Airplane Battle!

3. Laser gun for choice.

The ride is equipped with hand held laser gun for passengers to choose, which can arouse their participating enthusiasm. We believe this ride is destined to be a hot amusement ride for the amusement park.