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9 Rules of Amusement Rides Installation

Author:baolu rides Time:2017-11-24

When installing amusement rides, what matters should we pay more attention to?

Baolu company supply nine rules during long time experience:

1. Prohibit children to play those rides which are not suitable for their age, so every ride need clear notice about the ages of children..

2. Safety distance is very important to passenger, so pay more attention to see whether there is any hook that may hook children's clothes or skin, especially foe the girl clothes.

3. The Ride operation area should have no glass fragments, cigarette heads, rabbles and so on.

4. When your child is trapped in difficult circumstances, you must be sure to save him out. 

5. The toy area is covered with grass or sand or rubber pad installed to prevent falls.

6. Pay attention to the rope swing to see if there may be wears.

7. In the hot weather, check the swing, slides and other metal rides' surface, for sometimes they will be very hot and not suitable for children to play.

8. Check the spray area of the game area.

9. Pay attention to the tightness of screws, bolts and iron clamp of the swing, slide, rotating roulette and seesaw, to make sure every screw is been fixed well.