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Baolu Professional Service and Technical Support

Author:baolu rides Time:2017-11-24

1. Amusement Park Service and Technical Support

“Service and Technical Support” is an important part of our amusement products sales. Baolu rides provides “Operation Manual”, “Foundation Drawings” and “Power Supply Technical Requirements Document” for our customers to help them install amusement rides.

2. Baolu rides Installation and Rides Operation Training

According to the packing list, our engineers will check the goods with our customers together. In addition, if needed, we will send engineers to install and debug equipment on-site, and our engineers will undertake training on related technology and equipment operation.

3. Baolu rides After-sales Service

In order to help customers to solve problems timely and provide technical support, we have established a comprehensive “after-sales service and technical support” response system. 24-hour online service hotline:+86 15738888839, +86 371 88887166, Email: